Independence Day

Tomorrow is Independence Day in the USA. A day we celebrate our freedom from Great Britain. Lots of fireworks, red, white and blue, flag waving and celebrating. I’m not sure how many of us really think about the fight for independence and the subsequent forming of our country and its own rules/regulations on this holiday but I do. I think of the many lives that were put on the line and how unsure many of the people were during this time. The people at that time were incensed that Britain did not give us representation in parliament yet taxed us as a possession of the crown. Just think all the American wealth could have been Britain’s if only they would have allowed us a say in the making and changing of laws.

I haven’t posted any pictures of our quilting lately but will be posting again soon. Tomorrow I will post pictures of two skirts I made for granddaughters to ride in our local town’s parade for the July 4th celebrations. Sometimes life just gets in the way of quilting.

I will also post another picture of Fran Vander Hart’s quilt. She finished the binding on her own and I’d like to share the final product with all of you who follow our posts.

May you have a peaceful day tomorrow and think about the men and women who have put their lives on the line for us and our freedoms over the years from the 1770’s to the present.


Double Tree and Stone Table and Benches

Double Tree and Stone Table and Benches

This is a drawing by Eric Robinson, one of the longarm quilters here at Pink KTdid. This tree and stone table are in the front yard of a house of J. Alden Weir (1852-1919). He was an American Impressionist painter. I drew this while I was the artist in residence at the Weir Farm National Historic Site in Connecticut during April of 2013.

Carbon Pencil
14 x 11 inches


No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Keep up the work all you quilters!


Queen Size Star Quilt (final)

Queen Size Star Quilt (final)

longarm quilting by Pink KTdid
each star design made by a member of the quilt guild that meets in Knoxville, Iowa
88 x 106 inches
The quilting service cost $111 for this quilt. Go to our contact page to request a quote for us to do the quilting of your top!

Pink KTdid ~ Freeing You to Make More Quilts!

Here is a detail of one of the star designs:

Star 5

Here are two details of the back of the quilt:
Star Quilt Back 1

Star Quilt Back 2


Queen Size Star Quilt

Queen Size Star Quilt

longarm quilting by Pink KTdid
this is one of 20 star designs on a quilt we have been working on at Pink KTdid
Each star block was sewn by a person in a quilt guild group that meets in Knoxville, IA

Here is another block: